Vanessa Wright


Psychotherapy or professional counselling is a process of exploration and self-discovery that unfolds in the unique relationship between client and therapist.

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Psychoeducational and emotional assessments are used to measure and observe various aspects of an individual’s development.

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I’m glad you found me. I am a Counselling Psychologist practicing in Glenwood, Durban. I specialise in working holistically with children, adolescents, adults, and families. I offer a range of services including individual therapy, play therapy, couples counselling, assessment and family therapy.

Do any of the following sound like what you are going through?

If these issues, or similar issues, resonate with you, then you have made a very important step in the right direction by looking into therapy. My clients enter therapy for many different reasons, and the choice to begin therapy is an act of courage, strength and hope. Therapy is a journey that we will take together from which you will emerge with changes to your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, relationships and physical states. As your therapist I will accompany you in this journey and am committed to creating an atmosphere where not only your difficulties are explored and addressed, but where you feel safe, comfortable and understood.

  • You feel depressed, anxious, stressed out or overwhelmed by life or your problems.

  • You are working through grief and loss – and it seems unbearable.

  • Is your marriage in trouble? Would you like to improve your relationship?

  • You need effective ways of dealing with difficult people and situations.

  • Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour?

  • Have you been through a traumatic event or have a problem you need help navigating?

  • Are you struggling to parent you children?

  • Are you worried about your children? Are they struggling at school, or with social and emotional issues?